Double-Eyelid Surgery: Is it Really Necessary?

If you think the idea of “widening” one’s eyes only applies to the trendy women of South Korea, then you are probably underestimating its cultural relevance. For one, a piece on Cosmopolitan Australia already shows that it’s already getting to be a widely adopted practice, at least for women of Asian heritage.

What exactly is the name of this procedure which seems to be taking both continents by storm, though? Well, one of the most commonly used names for this specific procedure is double-eyelid surgery. Whilst there is no question that it sounds particularly “scary” for anyone who has heard of this term just now, it actually describes pretty well what the desired outcome of this procedure is: as 25-year old Narry Kim, herself a recipient of the said procedure, said in the article, “It’s just a small tweak to give you the crease that opens up your eyes a little bit.”

It can be really hard to believe that it can be that simple, but if a single patient can describe accurately the aims of the double-eyelid surgery, then it’s not hard to see why so many women are willing to go through the proverbial knife just so they can get the look that they are desiring for themselves.


Whilst the “default” place for surgeries like the double-eyelid surgery remains to be South Korea for now, it can be impossible to ignore the increasing number of young women who are booking themselves to avail of this procedure. Dr. Angelo Tsirbas, an oculoplastic surgeon who is currently based in Sydney, says, “10-15 girls per week would make enquiries about (double-eyelid surgery), and we would do five to six surgeries per week.” For an industry that is still well-known for cosmetic procedures like liposuctions and nose jobs, this is a number that can be really hard to ignore.

So, do you think that having a double-eyelid surgery is the right one for you? Well, Jane Chiu, for one, says that it was able to “boost her confidence”, so there may be something there. Please exercise discretion before you decide to go through with it, of course.