How to Recover From a Nose Job

Undergoing a nose job can be serious business. That is why, for people who have undergone these procedures, the recovery needed for this can also be just as equally “serious” as the procedure itself.

So, if you’re planning to go for a nose job, then by all means, please do so! However, do remind yourself of these tips that you have to observe before going for it if you want to have a flawless recovery time! Read below for more!


  1. Refrain from exercising intensely for two weeks

Your nose also plays by the same rules as gravity does. So, if you just had a nose job and you’re participating in an activity that requires you to move at all angles, then those actions should surely hamper the recovery time that should be allotted to your nose job.

  1. Avoid indulging in competitive sports

Playing sports is a good way of blowing off steam. However, it’s also a good way of risking your face to injuries when you’re playing too hard. Even anything that involves the use of “balls” like football or volleyball is liable to have your nose smacked the least you expect it.

  1. Never submerge yourself in water

The only way you’re not “using” your nose is when you’re underwater and you have to hold your breath. But of course, your nose will still bear the brunt of it all; pressure will pile up inside your nose when you hold your breath, and that can seriously harm the recovery of it post-nose job. On the other hand, chlorine from the swimming pool can also prove to be particularly painful for a nose that has just gone under the knife. So yes, you can take a bath, but you just don’t have to swim.

  1. Don’t chew “hard” food

Steak dinners are delectable. They’re also notoriously difficult to chew, since it requires you to move your jaw a lot. And since smell and taste work hand-in-hand together to give you the complete gustatory experience, you can expect that it can also affect your nose job when you are in the process of eating something… well, particularly “hard” on your teeth. Just like all operations, stick to soft and mild foods for the first two weeks post-surgery.

  1. Avoid smiling or laughing too hard

womanFor all intents and purposes, this is perhaps the most difficult of all tips to follow. Because really, how can you even prevent yourself from feeling joy in the first place? However, smiling or laughing can “stretch” your nose to the point that it can undo all the surgery it had just undergone. So yes, if you want to smile, smile as demurely as you can, but reserve all that “positive energy” for when you are truly recovered.

(BONUS) 6. DON’T blow your nose

Yes, even when your nose is all clogged up with icky things and you just want to expel it all. Seriously, don’t do it. Not even once.


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