Welcome to cosmeticsurgeonssydney! Like the name of my blog? Well, good, since I think you’re gonna like the stuff I will be regularly posting here!

If this is your first time visiting the site, then please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Beth from Lanecove, NSW, Australia, and I’m a 25-year old fashion designer by profession. Whilst fashion will always remain my first and foremost passion, I have loads of cool stuff to tell you, dear readers of this blog. For one, I’m also into fitness. Like, I’m really a huge devotee of it, and you can see me hitting the gym whenever I can help it. Yes, even when I travel out of town, too!

Of course, since I’m still a quarter-of-a-century young, you’ll have to forgive me if indulge myself in the occasional “girly” pursuits: I really like to pamper myself with a visit to a beauty parlour or a cosmetic clinic, and I also like to buy things that immediately grab my eye. Hey, a girl’s got to have some vices too, you know!

So, that’s all there is to know about me for the moment! I hope you enjoy all the stuff I’ll be publishing for this blog, and hit me up with  a comment or two just so I can know if you like what you’re seeing here so far! Alternately, you can also follow me on Twitter @bethgrimes23. What do you know, maybe we can paint the town red whenever I’m in your area. As my version of a “cool” person says it, see your face in the place… or well, at least just in these spaces!


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